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By K. A. Applegate

Andalites have eventually arrived in the world. The Animorphs and Ax now have allies keen to struggle opposed to the Yeerk invasion. yet there are just 4 Andalites. now not approximately sufficient to defeat hundreds of thousands of Yeerks. no longer adequate to prevent people from being infected.     

So, everybody has the same opinion that the conflict needs to proceed. however the Andalites don't are looking to struggle along people. They believe their talents may be lower than enough. they usually call for that Ax opt for an aspect. Will Ax stick with his acquaintances . . . or stand together with his humans?

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Estrid stated, Down. speedier and speedier. Down. without warning I slipped. Fell. Rolled down a number of steps. The odor used to be lousy. a part of the staircase used to be rainy with slimy pool water. Gore. Chunks of flesh, piles of quivering entrails. facts of a contemporary Taxxon feeding frenzy. I jumped up, wiped the gore from my flanks. i attempted to not think about it. attempted to target what mattered. Arbat needed to be stopped. No time to think about the dust, no time to visualize the horror . . . forward the steps emerged from the floor into the great openness of the Yeerk pool complicated. After this aspect we might be noticeable to a person taking a look up from less than. Rachel acknowledged. Prince Jake acknowledged. i started to morph to human. Estrid did an identical. The Yeerk pool advanced might include people, Hork-Bajir, Gedds, and Taxxons. yet in basic terms people will be anticipated to return down this actual stairway at the moment of evening. "What traditional guns do those people' our bodies have? " Estrid requested. "Unless you have got eaten loads of beans, none," Marco stated. "Keep your heads down, are not making eye contact," Jake suggested. "We don't desire to be ID'd. do not circulate quickly or appear to be having a look round. Now, move! " We walked down the steps back. On purely legs. lets see the pool now. Hork-Bajir and human guards stood watch as different Hork-Bajir and human-Controllers filed down the 2 metal piers that traversed the most a part of the leaden pool. every one pier used to be covered with locking collars. As guards supervised, the Controllers kneeled down and put their necks in steel collars. while the collars snapped into position, a small grey slug crawled out of the Controller's ear and fell into the dank pool with a gentle plop! The hosts have been then momentarily unfastened. loose at the very least to regulate their very own mouths and eyes. they can cry. They did. they can beg. They did that, too. "This is obscene," Estrid whispered fiercely. "Pretend to be unconcerned," I stated. "Spread out," Prince Jake muttered as we merged with a bunch of human-Controllers. Estrid and that i stayed shut, yet drifted from the others. Human-Controllers far and wide. a few jocular as they connected with Yeerk buddies. such a lot simply businesslike. They have been right here to feed, no longer socialize. Faces in every single place. 1000's. Which used to be Arbat? most unlikely to claim. most unlikely to bet the place he will be during this . . . No. now not very unlikely. He could pursue his undertaking as quickly as attainable. He could carry the virus into the pool. The pier. after all. yet tips to spot him? He may glance human. will be human. similar to these types of human-Controllers. No. in contrast to them. The Controllers all had entry to human adventure, human wisdom. A human morph is barely intuition. more durable to regulate, more durable to appreciate simply. As I knew from event. i attempted to imagine. Time was once operating out. Arbat may well have already got struck. tips on how to spot an Andalite in human morph? What used to be varied? legs, no longer 4. No tail.

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